Nelson Contracting has been operating in the Springfield VA area for 25 years. What began as a small family-owned company, has since built a reputation of excellence, customer satisfaction, and premium home solution services. With our Window and Door partnerships we are able to provide the best products and services to our customers.

We have seven different window and door product lines and multiple ways to customize and design your windows and/or doors to match your home and bring it to life. We have seven product lines available in wood, vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum cladding. We will design and implement the perfect solution that will work for your home and your budget. When you need to replace some windows or doors, or need to open up a space to install a new window or door, give us a call! Bathroom & Kitchen remodels are also a specialty of ours. From remodeling to roofing to windows and doors, we take pride in our work and look forward to helping you!

Let Nelson Contracting Install Energy Efficient Windows to your home or office

Nelson Contracting is proud to provide windows that include some of the most advanced features available today. These high-quality models feature a  wide range of energy-efficient features and best possible combination of comfort and durability. Designed for superior energy efficiency, the windows we offer combine advanced materials with modern manufacturing techniques to keep your home warm in winter and cooler in summer. The quality of the services we offer is such that you can enjoy your new windows for many years without any complaints under normal circumstances.

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Professional, Trusted Window Installers in Springfield, VA

If you are looking for the best window installation professionals, then you can trust Nelson Contracting to deliver an exceptional service. Our team of installers specialize in all forms of window installation hence, we guarantee that you’ll get quality service, a fair price and an added level of security in your property. By hiring our window installation experts, you can ensure that you get exactly what you’re paying for as they have the experience necessary to install all types of windows, including wood, vinyl, aluminum and more.

Replacing old windows

At Nelson Contracting, we can also give you the best advice when it comes to deciding which window replacement material you should use and will also depend on your concern such as improving energy efficiency, appearance, and cost. Replacing old windows with modern, sleek ones can add an incredible amount of value to your home. Just tell us what type of windows you would like to install either bay, casement, sash, etc. so we can show you samples and you can select the right replacement windows that suit your style.

What you need to know about our glass installation services

Whether you want to install a glass door for your home with a new patio or give your sliding glass in the office a more contemporary look, our local team at Nelson Contracting is ready to provide expert advice and deliver accurate installation. Our team of glass experts specializes in installing a variety of custom glass products. These include glass railings, windows, doors and other glass accessories for both residential and commercial structures. We offer a wide range of high quality glass installation services that are guaranteed to enhance the looks to your stairs, platforms or deck. Nelson Contracting has partnered with a wide range of the best glass manufacturers and we are proud to offer different types of glass such as PVC, fibreglass windows and many more for our clients to choose from. 

Glass Window & Door Replacement in Springfield, VA

If you are looking to replace your glass windows or doors, Nelson Contracting is at your disposal. When it comes to the types of glass to replace for your windows and doors, our company is definitely filled with options. We know that there are many factors to consider when selecting the right glass for your remodeling project such as style, color, size, etc. You can rely on our glass experts to help you decide and discuss with you the differences between each type. Some of the most popular types are frosted glass, laminated glass, double glazed glass, tempered glass and many more. Call us now and speak to one of our friendly representatives to learn more about our services. 

Door Installation Made Easy

At Nelson Contracting, we are proud to offer a range of door installation services in Springfield, VA. Whether you need a door installation for your house or office, we offer solutions for all types of doors. We provide a variety of door styles, whether it is a single door, two or three door styles. You can rely to our experts to install your door professionally and help you choose the door that fits perfectly with the architectural style and decorative flair of your home. Trust us to deliver the step-by-step process efficiently from start to finish. 

Residential and Commercial Door Installation Solutions

We also offer full service for the installation of business and residential doors. We work hard to provide Springfield homeowners with doors that are functional, safe, durable and in keeping with the style of your home. With products designed to be strong and stylish, backed by the services of our trusted door installers, we guarantee to give you the peace and lasting protection at home that you deserve. We will make sure to provide you with the best product solution for your project. 

Interior and Exterior Door Replacement

Exterior and interior door replacement are one of the most common home improvement projects that can be done in ones home. If you are considering to enhance your home, look no further and let Nelson Contracting help you with your renovation project. A wide selection of interiors doors to choose from such as hinged single doors, French doors, bifold doors, etc. Some of the most common types of exterior doors are panel doors, storm doors, patio sliding doors and many more. For sure, you’d be able to find one that would fit your preferences and our team would be happy to help you choose as well.

Skylight Installation for your home or office

Nelson Contracting is proud to offer professional skylight installation services and have been providing quality service to local homeowners and businesses in Springfield, Va and surrounding areas. Skylights are a popular way to increase the functionality and beauty of your home so we highly recommend for you to get them installed by our experts. They are available in different designs and colors. Some of the most popular types of skylights in Springfield, Va are translucent skylights, ventilated, fixed, curb-mounted, pyramid and many more. We can absolutely discuss with you the differences of each type so you can easily decide which one would work for you.

Why you need to install skylights in your home

If you are looking to enhance the elegance of your home, it is advisable to install skylights in your house. In fact, skylights are considered to be one of the most beautiful additions that you can have in your home. The best part about skylight installation is that they bring about a lot of positive benefits to your house.

Firstly, skylights provide an awesome atmosphere in your house as you will be able to control the amount of light that reaches your room from the outside. You can also ensure that the heat coming from the skylight can be evenly distributed. Skylights are also extremely beneficial for improving your home’s energy efficiency. If you let us install skylights in your house in Springfield, you will find that they help reduce the amount of heat that escapes from your home. Moreover, skylights allow you to enjoy the great outdoors when you are looking through them. They will also offer you with plenty of daylight during the night hours.

Our Board Up Services

If you live in the Springfield or any surrounding areas and have experienced a wind storm or hurricane, Nelson Contracting is ready to serve you with a reliable board up service as this will be an absolute necessity in such cases. Our board up service provides protection from tornadoes, hail storms, lightning strikes and more. We always ensure to provide a safe environment for property owners, who can rest assured that their home is protected against potential damages.  By taking advantage of our board up services you can protect the value of your property. 

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